• Sensors, Robotics, Data Analytics & Cyber-Physical Systems for Better Farming Yields

    Mission Statement

    Develop electronics, machinery, software and agroecology processes that can be used for data capture, sharing and analysis, and automated farming practices. Apply these systems to commercial agronomic decision making, economical interpretations and farming procedures. Reduce the investment risks associated with services such as financial and inputs credit, equipment rentals, and insurance, by increasing the chance of good yields. Increase yields by designing an integrated system and network for obtaining and processing of data from yield-influencing factors and variables. Create control systems that spatially and temporally monitor crops and livestock, the inputs that they get and the ecosystems’ physical elements, and automatically determine the best conditions, optimum inputs and appropriate actions for the best forecast yields.

  • Spatial & Temporal Soil and Crop Agroecology Monitoring

    • Connected devices for real-time soil nutrient & crop diagnostic monitoring
    • Chart the best-yield crop courses and design appropriate control systems


    Get updates to your mobile  Phone

    Real-time data & stats updates, and
    growth-simulations on one platform.

  • Weather Trends Analyses and Predictions

    • Numerical weather forecast models.

    • Real-time mobile phone weather
       updates, alerts and forecasts.

    • Localized weather stations & portable
       gear for precise weather mapping.

    • Weather as a yield-influencing factor.


    Powered by IBM Bluemix, the Weather Company and Microsoft Azure

    Use Detailed Historical Weather Data from the last 15 years to predict weather trends

  • Machinery, Equipment and Input Rentals

    • Design and provide agbots & equipment
    for automated intensive farming.
    • Partner with manufacturers & ensure
    timely delivery of equipment & inputs.
    • Alternative to costly purchase, maintenance
    and depreciation of machinery.

  • Data Processing & Simulation Software. Analysis Platforms

    • Software for processing agric data,
    input requirements, and agroecology
    simulations and yield forecasts.
    • Control systems for monitoring processes
    and charting best-yield courses.
    • Comprehensive farming infographics.

    Powered By Microsoft Azure

  • Market Analyses and Links

    • Software for agronomic computations.
    • Real-time market updates for farmers.
    • Yield targets, and processes driven by
    market demand & supply-chain data.
    • Partner with suppliers, buyers, storage
    & transporters, for reliable trading.

  • Agricultural Consulting and Training

    Add text here• Business, and market trends training and consulting for farmers and staff.
    • Online training courses and manuals for machinery, equipment and inputs.
    • Smart agriculture processes and techniques training..

  • Livestock Tracking

    • Equip Livestock with RF tags to keep track of whereabouts
    • View real time location of your livestock from your devices

  • Online and Financial Services

    Agricultural Insurance

    • Monitor farming processes & forecast yields to lower risk and offer low rates
    on machinery and product insurances.
    • Provide agric data and forecasts to partner insurance companies.
    • Offer insurance on credit.

    Open Source Data and Processes

    • Provide crop and livestock data, and weather trends for free reference.
    • Free research data & agric resources.
    • Collaboration with suppliers & buyers for providing free information.
    • Free, open, real-time contributions.

    Farmers' Credit Score System

    • Build numerical score system to track farmers’ trustworthiness for credit.
    • Provide scores to partner institutions that provide financial and input credit.
    • Extend credit score beyond financials, to machinery, input & equipment care.

    Online Farmers' Forum

    • Farmers’ discussion platform and resource centre.
    • Membership amenities such as videos, magazines & conference invitations.
    • Email newsletters, external links, tips, updates and alerts.

  • Founder Profiles

    People behind EonTech

    Tatenda Mushonga


    Tatenda holds a Master's degree in Robotics and a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is passionate about Robotics and Automation, which he aims to help improve the agricultural and industrial sectors. At UPenn, he was part of the UPennalizers Robotics team that won several national and world RoboCup titles. Tatenda is an advocate for poverty alleviation and volunteers for A Light for Zimbabwe, a non-profit organization that supports disadvantaged Southeastern Zimbabwean families by empowering them with education, orphan sponsorships and sustainable projects. In his sparetime, Tatenda is an amateur astonomer, setting up telescopes for urban astronomy events for #popscope .

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